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Expert CV maker is a leading CV writing service provider in UAE with proven track record of delivering Resume writing, LinkedIn Profile writing, Cover Letter writing, CV writing services to different under-graduate, mid-career change, career change, senior level, gap year students across Dubai. 

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Why Choose CV Maker in Dubai?

Expert CV Makers are always here to help you. We provide your best service with following features 


24/7 Support service

Expert CV Maker are available 24/7 for your help. An amazing team is a click away.

Talented and educated professionals

Expert CV Maker has a valuable team of experts and professionals who knows about sensitivity of each industry.

Fast turnaround time

If you want to apply for a job and last date to apply is close, no worries just contact Expert CV Makers for fast turnaround.

Free resume checking

Only Expert CV Maker allow you for free resume checking and also provide you free suggestions.


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The design of a resume is the first way to land your job. Your resume reflects your skills. An effective design seems to be simple. A simple resume is less distracted than a stuffy designed resume.


A format is an arrangement that is planned visually. The format belongs to image and text used in a resume that is aligned in a design. A good format resume highlight your skills and experience


Expert CV Maker is here to build your resume that gives your career a great start. Expert CV maker is a key that unlocks your success. We have experienced writers with the specialty of over 70 industries.

Best CV Maker In Dubai: A well renowned Agency

Getting the attention of HR has never been a piece of cake. It would be best if you came up with an eye-catching resume. Professional CV Maker in Dubai offers you an affordable and customized resume writing service that stands out in any industry. If you have just completed your schooling and want a kick start to your career, contact us right now with an ideal resume for your specialized industry by an expert.

The foremost tool needed for your career is your resume. Not even freshers, but most professionals are not sure about where to start, what you need to keep in your resume, and what to eliminate from their CVs. A resume is your first impression that lets an industry know why you are essential for their industry. That is the point where Expert CV Maker helps you! So send us a message right now!

Green Minimalist Elegant My Simple Resume

Now landing a job at NASA and TESLA is as easy as blocking your girlfriend on social media

We aim to help you land your dream job at your dream company with a perfect CV that show your expertise and help you to stand in the crowd. We know all techniques for CV crafting that will surely be loved by recruiters and compel them to go through your CV. Our professionals and expert CV writers hold in-depth command in their field. Although ordering and making CVs in our firm is smooth and simple, the result is always superior and jaw-dropping.

Expert CV Maker makes a perfect resume that will remove your stress. We will summarize your expertise, information, and knowledge to make you the most suitable candidate for the given vacancy. Expert CV maker entitles your career to grow as per your skill set. We believe customized CVs drive more opportunities as each resume/CV is an opportunity-driven one.


Fastest Turnaround time

Expert CVmaker always understands our beloved customers' value and deliver the best quality resumes within the given deadline. Even We can provide your resume to you in less than 24 hours.

Increase visibility

If you want a highly crafted custom resume for advanced reach and want it to be friendly, you should consult with our professionals. We provide you with the best resume of your choice at affordable prices.

Skilled Professionals

At Expert CV Maker, we have different professional writers under one roof that are available for your support 24/7. They can make your resume magical to help you shine amongst all.


Are you scared of scammers and frauds and avoid exploring your personal information online? Don't worry. Expert CV maker provides you secrecy-empowered resume. We assure you keep your information confidential.


It didn’t take more than 10 seconds for a recruiter to reject or accept a CV, and it all depends on how your CV looks like.  A perfect CV must be attractive and compel a viewer to read it thoroughly. Expert CV Maker helps you to build your offline CV as well online CV (LinkedIn profile) that allow you to move forward to your success,

Oftentimes engineers, and freshies don’t really pay attention to the CV formatting such as fonts, how to market themselves, no use of bullet points, un-catchy description, and many more. You apply to jobs with wrongly-formatted CVs. It is one of the reasons that beginners struggle in getting their first job when they don’t have any prior work experience. Our Beginners CV writing is included in the CV writing price to give you peace of mind that any job you are applying for is worth it. Don’t take any chances of losing your desired job, money, and time. Send us your resume for a free review. 

Are working in a reputed company for long, and achieve a lot? You must need a resume updated with all your achievements. For such CV you should contact our experts.

Pretty hard to land your desired job in this tough time when the government was forced to shut down their business, and companies started downsizing. CVs are life changing bits of paper, and you can’t just go with the hit and trial method. It is a common practice in the industry that a person doesn’t want to pursue their career in the field he had an interest in the first year of graduation, or he is overqualified for the job, or your CV is too academic, or you are too old for the job. Our Career change cv writing is included in the CV writing price to give you inner peace. Don’t waste your time over the things you are not professional at. Send us your CV or resume for a free review.

When you reach a senior or leader level, your CV requirements must reflect your higher status. If you apply for new jobs, you need to ensure you’re not doing like a recent graduate. So hire experts for the expert CV.

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In this modern era of technology, a LinkedIn profile possesses the same importance as your resume. LinkedIn profile is known as the online CV.  

You always heard that “First impression is the last impression.” A cover letter is the first document an employer sees, so it should be perfect and explain your resume. Experts of expert CV makers are here to write an eye-catching cover letter for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact Us now.

How Expert CV Maker works?

Share Detailed Info

You can share your information to one of our expert. The information includes your expertise, experience and career level etc.

Get your CV

Once you give us detail information, be easy from the stress of your CV. Our experts will create appealing CV for you within deadline.

Apply and Rock

We will provide you PDF and MS word of your CV. You can apply on your favorite vacancy and get ready for interview.

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What is CV Making?

So What is CV making?

CV is an essential tool to get a job in a small business or a well-recognized multi national company.  A CV is where you add your skills and education in the proper format, whatever skills you have.  A perfectly formatted CV is important to get a job. A perfect CV attracts the HRs at first glance. 

As the name indicates, a CV (curriculum vitae) is an important asset of a professional’s life. If
you just have completed your education, you will surely stepping-in into your professional life.
For Professional life, a CV is the first thing that you need. A perfect CV means a lot and plays a
vital role in getting a job.

A CV includes your personal information, education, experience, certificates, skills etc. And it’s really important for you to secure a nice job in a well reputed organization. CV making experts offer their services for making perfect CVs as they know what to be included and how to be included in your CV.

Work with the best CV maker in Dubai.

You just moved out in Dubai, and planning to get a job in Dubai. You surely need a CV that stands out according to the company’s taste. You must have heard about the statement that first impression is the last impression, and CV would be your first impression. Don’t waste your time on templates that will not gonna help you to secure a nice job. 

As a leading industry expert I have helped hundreds of students of beginners, mid career, and field change students to get a decent job in Dubai. 

Expertcvmaker has experts from all fields who can help you make a perfect CV for you. For your CV, you need a trustworthy person who makes your CV perfect and gives you some valuable tips for a perfect interview; experts of expert CV makers are here to help you in both. Their
service includes

● CV Writing Service
● LinkedIn profile optimization
● Interview preparation
They have experts from every field who can write a CV of every field. The experts also give
valuable tips related to your field in interview.


Send us your resume and I will send you an overview of what I can do for you to secure a nice job in Dubai.

What do CV Makers Do?

CV makers are experts that make perfect CVs by aligning your skills in a proper format with a specific design so you can get a job.
They make a CV, resume, and cover letter for you, and while making it, they include all information about your academic life. They also do it online, and you can also hire them to make a good cv.
Some tools can also do cv making. So everyone can make a CV, but a perfect CV maker makes it perfect. So for a professional CV, you should hire a professional who makes your CV effective.

Why Cv is important for the job?

Most of you will be thinking that we can apply for a job without a CV. We can submit our documents and get the job done. Yes, you are right. But it would be more formal to list all your career information, experience, and portfolio on a well-crafted page that attracts your interviewer. A CV is required because

● It is a good way, to sum up, your skills and qualifications to the clients
● A good CV can enhance your skills in a perfect way.
● It helps you to be confident and stands in the crowd.
You may better understand why we need a CV while applying for a specific job. It is the best way, and it looks like doing work professionally.

Previous freelance CV maker couldn't land me a job – what do you do differently?

Many people offer their services as CV writers, most of them may have a good experience, but few will be there to make the money. They don’t know how to do their work properly.

They can’t make a CV that helps you get the job, but their CV can make you a reason to laugh in front of the crowd. So always try to give work to that person who can show you some samples and templates or else you will be given a CV that won’t make a good impression and can cost you. So, it’s better to get the professionals and do the job for you, and they will make a unique and well-crafted cv and give a good impression on the clients and interviewer.

Why hire a CV-making expert?

It’s a good question, and many of you think that spending money on making a CV is just a waste of money, but this is wrong. It’s just a one-time investment for getting your dream job. You should hire a perfect CV maker for the following benefits:

● Increasing the presentation of your resume.
Experts can professionally enhance your skills by adding them to your CV with proper keywords
and perfect content. They make sure to make a CV that will attract the HRs.
● Save time and money.
Suppose you hire a perfect CV maker for your first CV. In that case, you will automatically save
your money as they make your CV perfect that stand out in the crowd, so there’s a high chance
of getting your dream job easily and not going for different interviews again and again.
● Tips from a Professional
If you want to get a complete CV or need some tips to make your resume compelling, expert cv makers can help you. Some online service providers for CV make your CV effective, will attract the recruiters, and help you clear the interview.

Why CV is important to get a job?

A CV is a small document that sells your skills and experience and shows recruiters that you’re the right candidate to be chosen from. First impression is always the last impression and this is an old saying, and a CV is the first impression on the recruiters, so it must be professional and organized.

● A mistake-free CV represents your professional behavior and serious behavior about the
● CV is not just about writing your skills, but it follows a special process that you must go
● A perfect CV contains everything about you, but it never tells a lie
● Keep your CV short: preferably no more than two pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry! We can provide you with express delivery of your resume. Even we can deliver your resume in 24 hours.

Yes, of course, we have a strict policy for keeping your information confidential. Your CV-related data and personal data remain safe in our records. We will not share it with a third party.

Don’t you need to wander here and there searching for the best CV writers in UAE. Expert CV Maker possesses the best CV/Resume builders team in Dubai. Our goals include providing you 

  • Top class content
  • Standard Format
  • On-time submission

We believe in trust in the service and the satisfaction of clients.

Affordability and Honesty are the prime features that help us stand as the top CV writing service providers in Dubai. We do thorough communication with our customers to fulfill their requirements and work according to their expectations. Our CV format is unique and simple that stands out as top among others.